Espec SH-242 Benchtop Temperature & Humidity Chamber

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The Espec SH-242 Benchtop Temperature & Humidity Chamber features a compact design and ability to network with your computer. All Espec SH-242 models have a temperature range that extends up to 180℃, with a humidity range running from 30 to 95% RH.  This chamber's efficient footprint makes it usable even on a desk (22.5L model). This portable yet robust temperature and humidity chamber offers strong performance to fulfill your environmental testing needs.

Featuring a touch screen color display for easy operation, the controller boasts the same function and design as the Platinous J chambers. The Espec SH-242 chamber comes with a user-friendly touch panel display, allows three-way access to the chamber, and offers a broad range of options for superior expandability.

The Espec SH-242 Benchtop Chamber is a model of the Espec SH Benchtop Chamber Series.