Espec EPX-4H Temperature & Humidity Chamber

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Espec EPX-4H Temperature and Humidity Chambers help meet specific environmental testing requirements. Espec EPX 4H is equipped with distinctive style and user-friendly features. The simplicity of use and good reliability of these chambers will appeal to technicians. In addition to being significantly more functional, the EPX-4H has special "ahead-looking" algorithms and electronic expansion valves for quicker ramping, better stabilization, and energy savings. With the new P-300 controller from Espec, operating the EPX-4H environmental test chamber is now simpler. The P-300 offers an optional product temperature control for better performance. During ramping, the chamber raises the air temperature above the intended final setpoint, hastening the recovery of the product temperature. Any screen can be accessed quickly due to its redesigned tabbed user interface. The Espec EPX-4H standard USB and optional Ethernet interfaces greatly simplify programming and data collecting. Espec EPX-4H allows technicians to store up to forty programs and three constant mode configurations.