EMCO 3142 Biconical Antenna. 26MHz - 2GHz. 300Watt

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EMCO 3142 Biconical Antenna. 26MHz - 2GHz. 300Watt
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ETS-Lindgren (EMCO) 3142
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Model 3142 biconilog is a hybrid linearly polarized antenna and makes measurements from 26MHz to 2GHz in one sweep. The biconilog comprises a Log Periodic Dipole Array (LPDA) with a “bow-tie” element. This usual design effectively couples the LP and biconical frequency ranges. Ideally suitable for EN61000-4-3 Immunity Testing and ANSI C63.4, FCC-18 plus EN 55022 for Emissions Testing. The antennas mounting bracket will fit on to a number of adapters. The NCTM-155 (Item 806) can be used to set a transmission height of 1.55 meters. The AMB-9208/E is used for attaching to a 2” sq. mast boom in the receive mode. Antenna factors, gain, calibration data and method of operation is included with each antenna. Please advise which mount you require. A generic antenna factor chart is shown below for this design of antenna at 3m spacing.
ETS-Lindgren (EMCO) 3142 Specs
Frequency Range: 26MHz-2GHz
Impedance: 50Ω
Max Continuous Power: 300W
Connector: Type N Female
Length: 75.0cm (29.5”)
Width: 135.0cm (53.1”)
Boom Depth: 90.0cm (35.4”)
Weight: 4.0kg (8.8lb)
Case Dimensions: 138cm x 119cm x 21cm
Case Weight incl. Item: 31kg