Fluke Calibration 9173 Field Metrology Well

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The Fluke Calibration 9173 Field Metrology Well combines bath-level performance with dry-well functionality and legitimate reference thermometry with an immersion depth of up to 203 mm (8 in) and a temperature range of –45 °C to 700 °C. Fluke Calibration 9173 Field Metrology Wells feature groundbreaking new proprietary electronics that allow users to bring lab-quality performance into whatever field environment they work in. New analog and digital control techniques provide stability as good as ±0.005 °C. And with dual-zone control, axial (or “vertical”) uniformity is as good as ±0.02 °C over a 60 mm (2.36 in) zone.

In short, there are six critical components of performance in an industrial heat source (which the European metrology community explains, for example, in the document EA-10/13): calibrated display accuracy, stability, axial (vertical) uniformity, radial (well-to-well) uniformity, impact from loading, and hysteresis. Fluke Calibration added a seventh in the form of a legitimate reference thermometer input and created an entirely new product category: Metrology Wells. Metrology Wells are the only products on the market supported by published specifications addressing every performance category in the EA-10/13