Teseq NSG 438A ESD Gun Simulator System

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Teseq NSG 438A ESD Gun Simulator System
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Teseq NSG438A
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The Teseq NSG 438A ESD Gun Simulator System has an elegant solution to discharge the EUT using a relay circuit which dissipates the residual voltage by connecting a 1 MΩ resistor from the EUT to ground for a controlled time segment. This relay and resistor circuit has been incorporated into the NSG 438A model.

For formal compliance testing, the NSG 438A internal processor guarantees a high degree of reproducibility of the controlled test cycles and also reduces test time.

Both the built-in and the external EUT discharging circuits of the Teseq ESD simulator 438A is characterized by flexible control parameters. The three freely programmable time parameters allow the charge holding time to be precisely defined. By setting the discharge cycle time and the associated repetition intervals of the ESD pulses, any residual voltage is guaranteed to be removed from the EUT.
Teseq NSG438A Features
  • Integrated discharge relay (Bleed-Off resistor)
  • Suitable for conventional ESD testing as well as for ungrounded EUT’s
  • Controlled and reproducible discharge and observation time periods
  • Discharge operation programmable in three separate time segments