Alcatel ASM 120h Helium Leak Detector

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Rent Alcatel ASM 120h Helium Leak Detector
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Alcatel-Lucent ASM 120h
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The Alcatel ASM 120h Helium Leak Detector is a compact portable leak detector unit. It's fully self contained. This is a general purpose portable leak detector with a sensitivity range of 10-9 mbar.
Alcatel-Lucent ASM 120h Applications
  • Maintenance of Vacuum Systems
  • Inspection/Quality Control for Low volume production
  • Semiconductor Leak Testing
  • Power Generation Leak Testing
  • Industrial Components Leak Testing
  • Petrochemical Leak Testing
  • Research and Development Leak Testing
  • Analytical Instrumentation Leak Testing
  • Coating and Vacuum Coating Leak Testing
  • Electrical Leak Testing
  • Mechanical Leak Testing