EMCO 3102 Conical Log Spiral, 900 MHz - 10 GHz

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For the higher end of the spectrum, (1 GHz - 10 GHz) of EMCO/ETS-Lindgren's 3000 class of antennas, the 3102 conical log spiral antenna offers spectral characteristics in the measurement of RF emissions. The 3102 provides a solution for similar MIL-STD and SAE testing requirements as the 3101, and is also commonly referred to as an SAE J1113 RI Antenna, MilStd 1541 Antenna, SAE ARP 958 Antenna, MilStd 462 Antenna, MilStd RE102 Antenna, or a MilStd 461 Antenna.

The EMCO / ETS-Lindgren 3102 conical log spiral antenna was designed by the Department of Defense for MIL-STD-461E measurements. The original drawings provide the basis for the Model 3102.

This particular EMC antenna rental is equipped to work within the 1GHz – 10 GHz frequency range. It has a tripod mount on an aluminum base and Type N (F) connections to the coaxial cables that wind around the fiberglass cone.