EXFO FIP-400P-SINGLE Fiber Inspection Probe

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FIP-400P-SINGLE Datasheet
Thanks to the EXFO FIP-400P-SINGLE Fiber Inspection Probe, checking connectors and other fiber terminations for polish quality and cleanliness has never been easier. Benefit from the best optical resolution in the industry and see scratches and dirt particles as small as 1 μm. Also, use a USB converter to send image captures to a portable platform or a PC.
  • Easy back-panel connector inspection
  • Truly rugged and lightweight solution for the field
  • Image-capture capability for report documentation
  • Ideal for all types of connectors: APC, UPC, MTP and more
  • Slim design for easy use in crowded patch panels
  • Compatible with EXFO test instruments
Resolution: Theoretical < 2 μm, detection capability < 1 μm
Field of View: 625 μm x 464 μm (low magnification)
412 μm x 306 μm (high magnification)
Light Source: Blue LED
Lighting Technique: Coaxial
Capture Button: Present on all models
Connector: EXFO probe port type (8 pin mini-DIN)
Focus Control: Adjustable on the probe
Optical Magnification: Adjustable, low and high (dual model only)