LeCroy 9400 Digital Oscilloscope 125 MHz, 100 MSa/s

Rent LeCroy 9400 Digital Oscilloscope 125 MHz, 100 MSa/s
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Horizontal Section:

Time Base

  • Range: 2 nsec/div - 100 sec/div

Acquisition Modes

  • Random Interleaved Sampling (RIS)
  • Single Shot
  • Roll
  • Sequence


  • Sources: CH1, CH2, LINE, EXT, EXT/10
  • Modes
    1. Sequence
    2. Auto
    3. Normal
    4. Single (hold)



Graticle:  Internally generated.  Single and dual grid mode

Expansion:  Dual zoom horizontal expansion operates simultaneously on live, stored and processed waveforms, expanding up to 100 times.   Vertical expansion from 0.4 up to 2 times for non-processed waveforms, up to 10 times for processed waveforms.

Screen Dump:  Single or multi-pen digital plotters are menu selected.  Supports the HP 7400 series and compatible models.

Cursors:  Two time cursors.  Two voltage cursors.   A cross-hair marker measures absolute voltage versus signal ground as well as the time relative to the tripper.  Time and cross-hair cursors indicate Hz and dB or volt values when and FFT spectrum analysis is made.

Remote Control

RS-232-C Ports:  Two:  for computer/terminal control and plotter connection.  Asynchronous up to 19200 baud.

GPIB Port (optional):  IEEE - 488

Vertical Analog Section
Bandwidth (-3 dB) @ 50 ohms DC - 125 MHz at 10 mV/div, up to 150 MHz at 1 V/div
@ 1 M ohm AC <10 Hz - 100 MHz typical
@ 1 M ohm DC DC - 100 MHz typical
Input Impedance 1 M ohm // 50 pF and 50 ohms
Channels Two; standard BNC connector inputs
Sensitivity 5 mV/div to 1 V/div at 50 ohms and 5 mV/div to 5 V/div at 1 M ohm
Vertical Digital Section
ADC One per channel, 8-bit flash
Conversion Rate Up to 100 megasamples/sec for transient signals, up to 5 gigasamples/sec for repetitive signals, simultaneously on both channels
Acquisition Memories Channel 1 and 2 two, 32K 8-bit word memories (64K total) which can be segmented into 8, 15, 31, 62, 125, or 250 blocks.
Reference Memories C and D Two, 32K 16-bit word memories (64K total) which can store two acquired and/or processed waveforms
Glitch Detection Permanent glitch detection for events down to 0.4% of the time- base setting, 10 nsec minimum



Waveform Processing WP01 and WP02:

Routines are called and set up via menus. Extensive signal processing in both time and frequency domains is provided by optional firmware packages. These include FFT spectrum analysis, arithmetic functions, integration, differentiation, square root, square, averaging (continuous and summation), and smoothing, as well as Extreme monitoring.

* Consult sales representative for details and availability