Magna Power XR Series II Programmable DC Power Supply

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Magna Power XR Series II Programmable DC Power Supply
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Magna-Power Electronics XR Series II
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XR Series II Datasheet
Magna-Power Electronics XR Series combines the best of DC power processing with microprocessor embedded control. Magna-Power Electronics’ innovative power processing technology improves response, shrinks package size, and reduces cost. XR Series power supplies are current-fed and are more tolerant to abusive loads than conventional switching power supplies. This technology allows the power supply to operate under short-circuit conditions, open-circuit conditions, and everything in-between.

XR Series power supplies offer both master/slave parallel and series operation. This enables two or more power supplies to be placed in parallel for increased output current or in series for increased output voltage. With master/slave operation, power supplies operate at near equal voltage and current.

XR Series power supplies can operate as a voltage source or current source depending on the control settings and load conditions. If the power supply is operating as a voltage source and the load increases to a point beyond the current command setting, the power supply automatically crosses over to current mode control and operates as a current source at that setting.
Magna-Power Electronics XR Series II Features
  • High power density: Switch-mode, 2 kW to 8 kW in 2U
  • 70 different models: Up to 1000 Vdc, up to 375 Adc
  • Load dependent air cooling: Variable speed fans on all models
  • Wide range of input voltages: 208 Vac to 480 Vac, 50 Hz to 400 Hz
  • High Accuracy Programming: ±0.075% full scale voltage/current programming accuracy
  • Front panel analog control: Stepless rotary control
  • 37-pin optically isolated user I/O: No additional circuitry necessary
  • RS-232 interface standard: Optional IEEE 488.2 GPIB, USB, LXI TCP/IP Ethernet, RS-485 interfaces
  • CE Mark
  • Made in the USA