VIC MS 60 High Sensitivity Helium Leak Detector

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Rent VIC MS 60 High Sensitivity Helium Leak Detector
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Vacuum Instrument (VIC) Leak Detection MS 60
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MS 60 Datasheet
The VIC MS 60 High Sensitivity Helium Leak Detector quickly and accurately detects leaks for a broad range of applications. The Touch-Screen GUI allows for greater system control and monitoring during system startup and operation. Displays include system status, accept/reject status, system health, setup, calibration and other diagnostic functions.
Vacuum Instrument (VIC) Leak Detection MS 60 Features
  • VIC’s dual sector helium mass spectrometer cannot be fooled by operator error
  • Standard 7 cfm or 10.6 cfm direct drive foreline/roughing pump for faster cycle times
  • AZ3 provides 3 modes of advanced auto-zero capability for faster, more accurate testing
  • Sensitivity 5x10-12 atm/cc-sec
  • Password security protects against tampering
  • 2 filaments for longer service life
  • Internal and external calibration for flexibility
  • Digital input / digital output
  • Fully automatic — easy to use
  • 3 modes of vacuum operation
  • Simple one-button start-up