ASCO K575A Resistive Load Bank

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The ASCO K575A Resistive Load Bank can be utilized independently or as a modular building block for larger systems to meet a variety of requirements. This load bank series incorporates the latest state-of-the-art load bank design features, and manufacturing techniques to provide reliable operation and extended service life.

The ASCO K575A Resistive Load Bank contactors are enclosed in a thermostatically controlled heated compartment to help prevent problems caused by condensation. This compartment is sealed with a rubber gasket to protect the components from environmental contamination.

The K575A Load Bank contains resistive elements and a blower motor in a rigid structure of formed heavy gauge steel. Designed for outdoor installation, the ASCO K575A Resistive Load Bank utilizes a screened air inlet and exhaust louver to protect the motor and resistive assemblies.

Carefully engineered and manufactured resistive elements are designed to operate at a fraction of their maximum temperature rating. This ensures more stable loading, extends element operating life and eliminates the need for a cool down period after each loading session. The K575A Load Bank is used for testing AC generating systems in production line applications and is also available mounted on a trailer to provide mobile high power testing.