Teseq NSG5003 Burst Pulse Generator

Rent Teseq NSG5003 Burst Pulse Generator
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Teseq (Schaffner) NSG 5003
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The Teseq NSG5003 Burst Pulse Generator offers fast transient interference signals injected onto a vehicle’s wiring harness through switching of associated peripheral devices can affect the correct functioning of adjacent electronic units.

In conformance with the standards such as ISO 7637, the NSG 5003 simulates these interference phenomena by means of pulse bursts. The vibrant development of electronic devices for the automotive industry means that better and faster test methods are demanded continually, particularly in the field of EMC.
Teseq (Schaffner) NSG 5003 Specs
Pulse Amplitude 20 to 800V in 1V steps
Impedance 50Ω
Pulse Rise Time 5ns
Pulse Duration 100ns (into 50Ω)
Burst frequency 1 to 100kHz in 0.1kHz steps
Pulses Per Burst 1 - 200
Burst Repetition 90ms to 99.9 seconds in 10ms steps
Pulse Modes Single, continuous, programmed 1 to 99999