VIC MS 40 Portable Helium Leak Detector

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Rent VIC MS 40 Portable Helium Leak Detector
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Vacuum Instrument (VIC) Leak Detection MS 40
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MS 40 Datasheet
The VIC MS 40 Portable Helium Leak Detector is fully automatic, easy to use, and highly accurate, these advanced design leak detectors are ideal for a broad range of applications including clean, oil-free testing.
Vacuum Instrument (VIC) Leak Detection MS 40 Features
  • Mini-sniffer probe port
  • Highest accuracy in the industry
  • Three modes of operation
  • Automatic operation, tuning & calibration
  • Simple one-button start up
  • Easy to use, most automated and fast
  • Reduce operator error
  • Internal NIST-traceable temperature compensated calibrator
  • Fast, non-destructive leak testing assures longer life and greater protection for your product
  • Allows testing for the smallest leaks at the highest pressures
  • Remote control