Yokogawa Clamp-on Power Meter CW240 Power Supply Quality

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Yokogawa CW240 Clamp-on Power Meter Power Cord
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Yokogawa CW240
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Manual Specifications Supplemental Document
The Yokogawa CW240 supports four single-phase two-wire systems, two single-phase three-wire systems and SCOTT connections. The CW240 supports currents ranging from 200.0 mA to 3000 A and voltages up to 1000 V. Electric power (instantaneous values, electric energy, and demand), harmonics, voltage fluctuations (dip, swell, and instantaneous power failure) and waveform scan all be measured simultaneously.
Yokogawa CW240 Features
  • Electric power analysis and power supply quality control in a single unit
  • Simultaneous measurement of loads in four systems(common to voltage)
  • Wide measurement range
  • Leakage current measurement in four channels
  • Wiring and Setting check function
  • A large amount of data can be saved
  • Analog input-output function
Yokogawa CW240 Specs
Voltage(V)Range 150.0/300.0/600.0/1000V
Current(A)Range 96030(2A) 200.0/500.0mA/1.000/2.000A
96033(50A) 5.000/10.00/20.00/50.00A
96030(200A) 20.00/50.00/100.0/200.0A
96031(500A) 50.00/100.0/200.0/500.0A
96032(1000A) 200.0/500.0A/1.000kA
96034 3000A range 300.0/750.0A/1.500/3.000kA
96034 2000A range 200.0/500.0A/1.000/2.000kA
96034 1000A range 100.0/200.0/500.0A/1.000kA
96035 3000A range 300.0/750.0A/1.500/3.000kA
96035 300A range 30.00/75.00/150.0/300.0A


1P2W/1P3W/1P3W3i (Neutral line current)
3P3W2i (2wattmeter method)/3P3W3i (3wattmeter method)
3P4W/3P4W4i (Neutral line current)
SCOTT wiring(1P3W + 3P3W)
Number on
measurement system
(Common Voltage)
1P2W 4 system load
1P3W 2 system load
3P3W2i 2 system load
Measurement Mode Frequency, Electric Energy, Demand, Harmonics
Voltage Function, Waveform
Data Saving PC Card, Internal Memory (1MB)
Save data

Standard Interval:
1/2/5/10/15/30 sec.1/2/5/10/15/30/60 min.
Short time interval:
0.1/0.2/0.5 second for each waveform