Yokogawa Clamp-on Power Meter CW240 Power Supply Quality

Yokogawa CW240 Clamp-on Power Meter Power Cord
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Yokogawa CW240
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The Yokogawa CW240 supports four single-phase two-wire systems, two single-phase three-wire systems and SCOTT connections. The CW240 supports currents ranging from 200.0 mA to 3000 A and voltages up to 1000 V. Electric power (instantaneous values, electric energy, and demand), harmonics, voltage fluctuations (dip, swell, and instantaneous power failure) and waveform scan all be measured simultaneously.


  • Electric power analysis and power supply quality control in a single unit
  • Simultaneous measurement of loads in four systems(common to voltage)
  • Wide measurement range
  • Leakage current measurement in four channels
  • Wiring and Setting check function
  • A large amount of data can be saved
  • Analog input-output function


Voltage(V)Range 150.0/300.0/600.0/1000V
Current(A)Range 96030(2A) 200.0/500.0mA/1.000/2.000A
96033(50A) 5.000/10.00/20.00/50.00A
96030(200A) 20.00/50.00/100.0/200.0A
96031(500A) 50.00/100.0/200.0/500.0A
96032(1000A) 200.0/500.0A/1.000kA
96034 3000A range 300.0/750.0A/1.500/3.000kA
96034 2000A range 200.0/500.0A/1.000/2.000kA
96034 1000A range 100.0/200.0/500.0A/1.000kA
96035 3000A range 300.0/750.0A/1.500/3.000kA
96035 300A range 30.00/75.00/150.0/300.0A


1P2W/1P3W/1P3W3i(Nutral line current)
3P4W/3P4W4i(Nutral line current)
SCOTT wiring(1P3W + 3P3W)
Number on
measurement system
(Common Voltage)
1P2W 4 system load
1P3W 2 system load
3P3W2i 2 system load
Measurement Mode Frequency, Electric Energy,Demand,Harmonics
Voltage Function, Waveform
Data Saving PC Card, Internal Memory(1MByte)
Save data

Standard Interval:
Short time interval:
0.1/0.2/0.5second for each waveform