Essex A427B Electrical Resistive AC Load Bank

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Rent Essex A427B Electrical Resistive AC Load Bank
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Essex Electro Engineers A427B
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The Essex A427B is a portable, skid mounted, resistive load unit. It is a completely self-contained unit mounted with a weather resistant enclosure. The Essex A427B operates as a loading and testing device for electrical generating equipment. This is accomplished by applying various combinations of the resistive load increments to simulate any output load.

The load bank is designed to test the output characteristics of generating plants rated at 120/208 and 240/416 volts, three phase, 4 wire; 120 or 240 volts single phase, 2 wire. The load bank can operate at frequencies between 50 and 1000 cycles per second. Input power terminals are supplied for connection of power cables. Power cables are not supplied with the equipment. The load bank can apply 0.5 to 3 kilowatts variable load and 3, 6, 9, 12 KW fixed loads. When fixed and variable loads are applied in combination, the load bank can supply any load form 0.5 to 33 kilowatts on either single or balanced three-phase operation.
Essex Electro Engineers A427B Specs
Continuous rating 120/208 or 240/416 volt, -3-phase, 4 wire, or 120 or 240 volt, 1phase, 2 wire at 50-1000 cps
Fixed loads 3, 6, 9, 12 or any combination up to 30 KW in multiples of 3
Variable loads 0 to 3 kW combined fixed and variable control of load between0.5 KW and 33 kW, single phase or balanced 3phase operation with fixed and variable load switches in proper combination
Temperature limits 25 F. (-4C.) to + 125 F. (52 C.) at relative humidity up to 100%
Altitude range Sea level to 8,000 feet (2440 meters)
Acceleration limits 2.5 g momentarily applied to any 3 major axis; in both directions