Teseq NSG200D System Interference Simulator Mainframe

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NSG 200D Teseq Interference Simulator
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Teseq NSG200D w/NSG203A
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Using the NSG 200 series of instruments, different types of mains interference can be simulated.
Teseq NSG200D w/NSG203A Features
  • Mainframe - NSG 200D contains line switches, line filter, fuses and other elements
  • Plug-In - NSG 203A simulates short variations and interruptions in line voltage

NSG 200D Mainframe (Pulse Coupler)NSG 200D Mainframe (Pulse Coupler)

  • Operation with line voltage
    • Max rated voltage: 120V / 60 c/s
    • Max rated current: 16A
  • Operation with external voltage
    • Max rated voltage (=): 400 volts
    • Max rated voltage (~): 250 volts (RMS)
    • Max rated current (50/60 c/s and dc): 16A
    • Max rated current (400 c/s): 6A

NSG 203A Plug-In

NSG 203A can be used to simulate short variations in line voltage or line failures. For simulating a variation from a high voltage to an abnormally low voltage (for example, if one voltage is 150V, the other 280V), two external variable voltage transformers are needed. Cables to these transformers with corresponding connectors are available as NSG 322 (one transformer) and NSG 323 (two transformers).

Using the NSG 203A equipment can be tested to the following test specifications

  • Mil Std 704 A, Mil Std E 4158 (Table II - Fig. 1)
  • BS 4509 / 4525, CEE (Sekr. 229) UK 121, EEC Com. (78) 766 final
  • VDE 0160 8 and British specification CE GB - EES (1970)

Schaffner NSG 222A Fast Impulse Plug-In

Produces fast interference pulses typical to mechanical devices such as relays, switches etc. Pulse amplitude 50 to 2500V, rise time 5 to 10ns, pulse duration unload 100ns loaded 80ns into 50O.
Teseq NSG200D w/NSG203A Specs
  • Line voltage: 220 / 240V - 50 Hz
  • Option: 110V - 60 Hz
  • Max rated current through line filter: 16 Amp
  • Max. voltage across load: 600V~

Line Failure

  • Duration of the failure short: 1.5 msec - 30 msec
  • Duration of the failure long: 25 msec - 500 msec
  • Interval between failures: 0.6 sec - 25 sec

Line Voltage Variation

  • Duration of interval with changed line voltage
    short: 10 msec - 300 msec
    long: 0.25 sec - 5 sec
  • Interval between changes: 0.6 sec - 25 sec

Output Trigger ("Start" and "Stop")

  • Amplitude: +10V
  • Duration: 1.5 msec