High Voltage Inc. CDS-3616U Cable Fault Locator

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High Voltage Inc. CDS-3616U Cable Fault Locator
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High Voltage Inc. CDS-3616U
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Cable Fault Locator
High Voltage Inc. CDS-3616U Features
  • Three full joule output voltage settings
  • Three fully variable hipot output voltages
  • The highest Burn current available
  • Internal Arc Reflection and Current Impulse filter
  • Compatible with nearly all TDR/radar models
  • The most rugged and reliable design
  • World's only VLF Thumper combination
  • Discharge 1000J at only 5kV
  • Rugged, transit protected meters
  • External Interlock
  • Emergency OFF mushroom switch
  • Plexiglass panel to view grounding solenoid
  • Internal heater to limit condensation
High Voltage Inc. CDS-3616U Specs
Input: 120 V, 60 Hz, 25 A
Hipot Output: 0 - 9/18/36 kVdc
Hipot Burn Current: 280/140/70 mAdc
Discharge Output: 1600 Joules at each output voltage
Discharge Rate: 6-10 seconds
TDR Interface: Arc Reflection & Current Impulse
Dimensions: 25" w x 29" d x 44.5" h (30"w with attached cable reel)
Weight: 375 lbs.
Cable outputs: 100' HV return & ground.
Cable reels: 100' ground cable reel. Thumper equipped with 10' output cable with MC connection to reel