Ludeca VibWorks Vibration Analyzer

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The Ludeca VibWorks Vibration Analyzer is a 1 channel instrument and is equipped with a Tachometer. VibWorks Vibration Analyzers allow the user to perform simultaneous frequency response functions on up to 32 channels, coherent calculations and properly averaged Frequency Response Functions (FRF’s). The VibWorks Vibration Analyzer FRF method points out potential natural frequencies and exceeds by decomposing all the components of the transfer function, including stability coefficients, leading to a cleaner FRF with values of natural frequencies and correspondent damping ratio.

The Ludeca VibWorks Vibration Analyzer is fully loaded with all the essential tools to perform a proper expertise and is scalable according to your needs. The product is entirely compatible with BETAVIB SUITE Hardware (Balancing and Collector).