ATEC BLOG:  Fluke DSX Cable Analyzer Series: Features and Benefits

Learn more about the Fluke DSX Cable Analyzer Series

Hi, this is Armando with Advanced Test Equipment Rentals. For today’s video we will analyze why upgrading to the DSX- Cable Analyzer Series is your best choice. 

DTX Cable Analyzers were the world’s most popular tool for certifying premises copper and fiber cabling, with billions of links certified, however, new technological advancements allow the new DSX Cable Analyzers to have a faster set up, faster testing, reduced mistakes, and faster reporting. The DSX series has a Smartphone user interface and is equipped with a touchscreen keyboard for data entry which allows for a faster set up.

DSX series units reduce the time spent on Cat6A and Class EA Testing, Fiber Loss Testing, and OTDR testing. In addition, new DSX units come equipped with a Quad Loss Test Module meaning you won’t have to hunt for and switch to the other modules when you’re doing mixed multi-mode or single mode jobs.

Still aren’t sure if the  DSX Cable Analyzer Series is right for you? Investing in the DSX series means you’ll also be ready to take on new jobs from Cat 5 to Cat 8, future measurements such as TCL and the modular design means you can add new capabilities without buying a new tester.

Increase your storage capability to 64 GB and start certifying today.