Kingsine K6063i Protection Relay Test Set

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Rent Kingsine K6063i Protection Relay Test Set
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Kingsine K6063i
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The Kingsine K6063i Protection Relay Test Set uses a modularization switch power, self-RD hi-fi digital amplifier, with a capacity efficiency of more than 85%, high output power, low weight and small heating value, for a long and reliable output at ×10A. It has the ability to overload reliable quality hardware.

The K6063i has an internal high-capacity SSD solid state disk, an internal dual core CPU industrial PC, 9.7 inch large LED display screen, 1024×768 resolution, embedded Windows XPE system, that provides a friendly interface for onsite calibration at smart substations.
Kingsine K6063i Features
  • Voltage: 4×300V
  • Current: 6×30A
  • 13 channels simultaneous output:
    • 7 phase voltage and 6 phase current output with different amplitude, frequency, phase
  • Wave form distortion test function, judgment of wrong wiring alarm, self-locking, housing grounding alarm
  • Convenient and prompt software calibration for amplitude and phase, no need to open the housing to calibrate the output precision
  • 0~300V/0 .6A remote aux. DC power output
  • Test by manual or automatic mode
    • Simulate various types of failure
    • With the GPS trigger function, perform reserve supply test, prompt switch, etc.
  • Internal GPS function
  • Optional function for standard meter, transducer, energy meter, etc.