Wavetek 1018B Peak Power Meter

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This product has been discontinued.

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The 1018B Digital Peak Power Meter is a direct reading peak power meter that measures power on a single pulse, repeating pulses, or CW. Three trigger modes (Internal, External, and Free Run) plus an adjustable measurement gate, which can be placed at the desired point by use of trigger delay circuitry, add to its versatility. Measures and digitizes its readings in only 1 mS and readings can be made at rates up to 500 S. Single pulses down to 200 nS can be sampled and displayed in either dBm, mW, or on the 1018B's three digit readout. Frequency range from 100MHz to 18GHz; Power range from 10 MicroW to 10 mW (-20 to +10 dBm). Calibrated output: +10 dBm (High), -20 dBm (Low); impedance 50-ohms.
  • Option 02 = APC-7 Connector
  • Option 04 = Isolated Data Output
  • Option 05 = GPIB (includes Option 06)
  • Option 06 = Trigger Delay Divider
  • Option 07 = 26.5 GHz Measurement Range