Transcat IS92 Pressure Calibrator, 36/300 PSI

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The Transcat IS92 Pressure Calibrator is a dual sensor unit. The IS92 low pressure sensor covers vacuum to 36,000 PSIG, with measurements displayed in any of eight engineering units. If you do differential and static calibrations (gas measurement, for example), this unit is all you’ll need. The IS92 has a 2-line LCD display so you can read pressure and mA at the same time. Pressure connections are 1⁄8" NPT on the bottom of the calibrator so you can mount directly on a hand pump. The sensors are media isolated—you won’t have a failure if water or most process media gets into the sensor. The sensors and electronics are temperature compensated from 0 to 50° C. The accuracy specifications include the combined effects of linearity, repeatability temperature, hysteresis, and 12 month drift.