Krohn-Hite 3905B 5-Channel Programmable Filter

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Krohn-Hite 3905B Programmable Filter
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Krohn-Hite 3905B
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The Krohn-Hite 3905B is used in conjunction with the Krohn-Hite plug-in modules, that are operational only when inserted in the five module Mainframe. The Mainframe includes a Model 39A-05 microprocessor plug-in module. The modules are easily accessible from the rear of the Mainframe.

The Mainframe provides local/IEEE-488 programming, indicators for the input and output gain, cutoff frequency setting, channel selection and overload detection. Non-volatile, battery-backed, CMOS memory permits storing and recalling of 85 selectable groups. Storing and recalling group settings is accomplished with only one command. Self-testing of the digital circuitry occurs upon power-up.

Krohn-Hite 3905B Specs
  • Frequency: .01 Hz - 25.6 MHz
  • Capacity: 5 modules.
  • Memory: 85 selectable groups; each group has storage for 5 module set-ups. Memory is non-volatile battery-backed CMOS.
  • Overload Modes: Three selectable modes; non-latching, that monitors all channels and displays first channel to overload; latching that maintains overload display until cleared and no indication (used with some models).
  • Remote Programming: IEEE-488/1978 GPIB interface. Subset: SH1, AH1, T6, L4, SR1, RL1, PP1, DC1, DT0, C0, E1.