Kalmus LA100H 100 W Broadband RF Power Amplifier

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The ETS Solutions L620M 650 lb Shaker System is an affordable, high-quality solution system for both the stress screening and product testing  of components found in electronic sub-assemblies, automotive devices, portable music players and connectors. Technicians rent ETS Solutions L620M devices for applications in fields such as medical research, electronic component testing, materials analysis and automotive component testing. ETS Solutions L620M shaker systems are also essential in fields requiring balancing and actuator testing for antenna positioning via low axial stiffness special-suspension units. These shakers are built to provide high lateral and torsional stiffness, offering technicians maximum support and stability. High performance and low distorition levels are the results of this versatile shaker system, designed for accurate and efficient solutions testing. ETS Solutions 620M systems are ideal for fulfilling requirements like ISO 18436-1 and ISO 18436-2.