California Instruments 948XP-1-3735 Oscillator/Controller, 45 Hz - 5kHz

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California Instruments 948XP Oscillator/Controller for XP Series | 45 Hz - 5kHz
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California Instruments 948XP
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948XP Datasheet
Power Controller Module for 971XP AC Power Amplifier
  • Bus reporting when used with IMC1
  • Voltage at Load: ±2V Accuracy with 1V resolution
  • Current Draw at Load: ±0.2 Amp accuracy with 0.1 resolution dependent on amplifier
  • Power at Load: ±0.02kw Accuracy with 0.01kw resolution dependent on amplifier
  • Power Factor of Load: 0.000 to 1.000
California Instruments 948XP Specs
  • Frequency: Four-decade resolution from 45.0 to 9999 Hz
  • Phase-Angle:
    • Two-Phase: 90° separation
    • Three-Phase: 120° separation
    • Three-Phase Delta: 60° separation
  • Remote Programming:
    • IEEE-488 Subsets: SH1, AH1, T6, L3, SR1, RL2, DC1, DT1
    • IEEE-728-1982 Operating Codes and Formats:
      • Numeric Representation: NR1, NR2, or NR3
      • Headers: HR1 or HR2
      • Message Separators: SR1