Newtons4th N4A18 18kVA Three Phase AC Power Source

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The Newtons4th N4A18 18kVA Three Phase AC Power Source has been replaced by newer models.

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The Newtons4th N4A18 3 phase AC power source offers complete flexibility for a wide range of applications. All N4A sources feature dual channel arbitrary waveform generators utilizing direct digital synthesis providing the user with simultaneous multiple harmonic generation, frequency sweeping and long sequencing capabilities. The metrology of the arbitrary generator permits long custom waveform sequences to be produced without a reduction in the resolution of each individual waveform. The N4A AC Source also features 10 bit vertical resolution and a maximum waveform resolution of 16,384 points to produce a single periodic waveform. There is also an internal storage function for imported custom waveforms featuring user intuitive library menus that display the waveform graphically on the display.

In the past, low distortion power sources have been restricted to the use of linear based output stage topologies. Whilst this approach offered low levels of distortion, it came with drawbacks such as poor low power factor performance, lower output power capability when the output voltage is less than "rail voltage", increased size and many more. N4L's proprietary switching design offers all of the benefits of a linear supply without the drawbacks, further to this, the cost of all N4A AC Power Sources is lower than that of an equivalent low distortion linear design.