Tektronix 1710B NTSC Waveform Monitor

1710B Tektronix NTSC Waveform Monitor
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Tektronix Test Equipment 1710B
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NTSC Waveform Monitor
Tektronix Test Equipment 1710B Features
  • Burst phase indicator
  • Dual filter display
  • Internal graticule

Frequency Response: Flat: Within 5% of the response at 50 kHz from 50 kHz to 6 MHz
Gain Range: Input signals between 0.25 V and 2.0 V can be adjusted to 140 IRE

Sweep: Sweep will occur in all Horizontal mode settings with or without synchronization
2FLD Sweep Repetition Rate: Equal to frame rate of applied video or external sync
2H Sweep Repetition Rate: Equal to half line-rate of applied video or external sync
Calibration Signal
Tektronix Test Equipment 1710B Specs

Frequency: 100 kHz ±1 kHz
Amplitude: 1V within 1%
Burst Phase Indicator

Phase of selected input (A or B) relative to the stored reference phase is displayed.