Tektronix 764 Digital Audio Monitor

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Tektronix 764 Digital Audio Monitor
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Tektronix 764 Digital Audio Monitor Tektronix 764 Digital Audio Monitor
Tektronix Test Equipment 764
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764 Datasheet
The Tektronix 764 Digital Audio Monitor is an advanced monitoring tool for production and quality assessment in modern digital audio facilities. It combines the features of a phase and level meter with those of a digital audio monitor. The Tektronix 764 provides technical personnel with a setup and calibration tool and production personnel with an operational monitor capable of conventional and advanced audio assessment tasks.
Tektronix Test Equipment 764 Features
  • Two Balanced or Unbalanced AES/EBU or SPDIF Loop through Inputs Drive Four-channel Level Meters
  • Adjustable Clip/Mute Indicators
  • Audio Phase Display
  • Phase Correlation Meter
  • Unique Session Statistics Compilation
  • VITC and LTC Time Code Inputs
  • Channel Status and User Data Decoding
  • AES-3 DARS Input
  • Optional Serial Digital Video (Embedded Audio) Input
  • Optional Balanced Analog Line Outputs
  • Supports a Pair of AES Streams Output by Professional DVTRs
  • Configurable Level Indicators Support a Variety of Technical Preferences
  • Mono Compatibility and Sound-stage Monitoring Assured via Phase Display
  • Quality Control Certificate via Session Statistics Compilation
  • Time Code Stamping of Errors Pinpoints Audio Needing Correction
  • Simple Viewing of Encoded Channel Status and User Data
  • System Timing Measurements to Recognized Standard
  • Monitor Embedded Audio Without an External Demultiplexer
  • Monitor Sound via Loudspeakers Without External Converters