Magnavolt TC.P.32.100.480.SHMI 100 V, 400 A, 32 kW DC Power Supply

Rent Magnavolt TC.P.32.100.480.SHMI 100 V, 400 A, 32 kW DC Power Supply
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Magnavolt TC.P.32.100.480.SHMI
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The Magnavolt TC.P.32.600.480.SHMI 600 V, 66 A, 32 kW DC Power Supply is part of a compact medium-frequency transformer with highly specialized magnetic core material supplies the process energy to the galvanically isolated, floating output. Either the positive or negative output can be connected to ground. Controlled on a semi-resonant basis by IGBTs (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors), the transformer reaches a very high level of efficiency, and works without any noise in the ultra-sonic range. Their primary switched compact DC power supply provides excellent dynamics of output voltage, current and power. This is the result of the uncompromised use of digital signal processors in an optimized multi-processor architecture and of a full digital control structure. Typical system response times with resistive loads are below 1 msec and with mixed resistive / inductive loads about 1 - 2 msec. All regulation and monitoring tasks are carried out by high performance digital signal processors. The full digital regulation system delivers high accuracy and long-term stability. The power supply displays the operating status such as constant voltage mode, constant current mode or constant power mode on the front panel. Check out more TC.P Modular High Precision Switch Mode DC Power Supplies.
Magnavolt TC.P.32.100.480.SHMI Specs
Output Voltage Range (VDC) 0 - 600 Volts
Output power (max. kW) 32 kW
Output current range (A) 0 – 66 Amps