Sorensen DCR300-80T DC Power Supply, 80 Amp, 25 kW

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Sorensen DCR300-80T DC Power Supply 300 Volt, 80 Amp, 25 kW
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Sorensen DCR300-80T
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Manual DCR300-80T Datasheet
The DCR-T Series is a proven design with excellent performance and reliability.
Sorensen DCR300-80T Specs
Output Power Constant Voltage Mode Temp. Coeff.,
Voltage mV/°C (Typ.)
Voltage Drilt,
% Eo Max.
Voltage (Vdc) Current (Adc) Regulation Line & Load
0.2% or _mV
Ripple (PARD) Transient Response Time
ms (Typ.)
50°C 60°C 70°C mV
0-300 80 74 68 150-300 100 300 40 60 0.05